Sonata in C major (Mauro Giuliani)

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Sonata in C major by Mauro Giuliani The Sonata in C major was written by the Italian composer Mauro Giuliani.

In the 19th century, Mauro Giuliani was considered to be „one of the most glamorous figures among the guitar virtuosos“. He spent his most successful time as a guitarist in Vienna.

My favorite of Mauro Giuliani is the Sonata in C major. I played this guitar piece, which I count among the classics of guitar literature, intensely for a while. Among other things, I did it at the tender age of 17 as part of the German music competition Jugend musiziert (young people make music) . So I have a special connection to this piece.

The Polish guitarist Marcin Dylla made a beautiful recording of Mauro Giuliani’s sonata in C major:

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