Spanish Romance

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Spanish RomanceThe Spanish Romance has probably been played by every guitarist, as it is basically also suitable for beginners who are just starting to play the guitar – after a little practice. The Spanish Romance sounds really very Spanish, so the title of this guitar work is more than justified. Triplets are played continuously on the „melody strings“, with the first triplet each accompanied by a bass note.

The key is E minor, but as it should be for any proper Spanish-romantic guitar piece, there is also a middle section in major (see for example Recuerdos de la Alhambra.

The composer of the Spanish Romance is unknown. There are sources that say that the Spanish Romance was composed in the 19th century. The first trace of the Spanish romance appears at the beginning of the 19th century, when this guitar work was handwritten by Fernando Sor. The guitar piece was therefore initially called „Melodia de Sor“, but this does not mean that Fernando Sor was also the composer. The piece was published in 1927 by Daniel Fortea, a student of Francisco Tárrega. The „breakthrough“ for the Spanish Romance came, when Narcisco Yepes used the Spanish Romance for the film Jeux interdits. This made this guitar piece so popular that it was even named after the film’s title in many countries. At times Narcisco Yepes was (incorrectly) regarded as the composer, but he is never said to have claimed that.

Here the Spanish Romance is played by Marija Agic in a „classical form“:

Here follows a very special version of the Spanish Romance, from Igor Presnyakov. Hear for yourself:

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